Photos and Events

Commander James Atkins introduces Dr. Larry Rowland as speaker for the March 5, 2018 meeting.

Dr. Rowland makes a slide presentation on Reconstruction in the Beaufort District after the war.

About 30 members and guests attended the March 5th meeting to hear our well known local Historian and USC Professor Emeritus speak on this delicate subject.

Dr. Rowland answers a final question from Compatriot Hazen Culley.

Past Commander Jody Henson welcomes guests and members to the Camp's 2018 Lee Jackson banquet.

Guest speaker 2nd Lt Commander Dr. Joe Haines, gives an insightful presentation on Gen. J.E.B. Stewart who was very close to Gen. Stonewall Jackson.

Some of the fifty attendees of the special Lee Jackson banquet dinner.

Silent auction items.

Close up of the Lee Jackson Birthday cake prior to the cutting.

Camp Color Sergeant Justin Gregory cuts our Birthday cake.

Camp Historian Chris Clayton and wife Ann at the January 20, 2018 Lee Jackson Banquet.

Ginny Burnett, wife of Compatriot Tom Burnett with her Lee Jackson Last Meeting portrait.

November 6th meeting speaker was our Camp Historian Chris Clayton who made a fine presentation on the Ebenezer Creek Incident (near Rincon, GA) during Sherman's march to Savannah in December 1864.

Stan Hergott is announced by Past Commander Chris Gibson as seeking Camp Associate membership.

Commander James Atkins presents Stan Hergott with his Camp Associate SC Sovereignty Flag Membership Pin and Certificate of Membership.

Recently elected 2018 Officers and Staff L-R: Color Sergeant Justin Gregory; Webmaster Don Starkey (obscured); Military Awards Chair, John Simpson; 1st Lt. Commander Sean Congleton; Chaplain Gerald Wynn; Revenue Programs Chair Col. Pat Garrett; 2nd Lt Commander Joe Haines; Historian Chris Clayton; and Commander James Atkins.

Maj. John Simpson is presented the SCV War Service Medal for his US Marine Corps Service by Past Commander Chris Gibson and Commander James Atkins at the November 6th meeting.

Associate Alan Linsky and wife Judy donated this "Save Our Monuments" flag for our November 6 meeting door prize won by Compatriot Michael Keyserling. Compatriots Joe Harden, at left, and Bill Anderson hoist flag for members to see prior to drawing.

Our October 2017 meeting was held on the 9th at the Historic Beaufort Arsenal in honor of the 120th anniversary of the forming of UCV Camp Richard H. Anderson #47 at the arsenal on that date in 1897.

: Guest speaker, Robert Jones of Georgia, makes a great power point presentation on the United Confederate Veterans. Over 40 camp members attended with 20 wives and guests.

Past Commander Henson presents speaker Robert Jones with a copy of "Lee's Nobel Soldier", a biography of Gen. Richard H. Anderson, in thanks for his being there for us.

Commander Atkins with Past Commander Henson and new member Randy Atkins following his installation and pinning.

New Associate Dave Stewart being sworn in by Chaplin Gerald Wynn along with Commander Jim Atkins.

Compatriot and Marine Mike Kelley was awarded the SCV War Service Medal by Commander Atkins and Adjutant Paul Griffin.

We are now dedicating our 2017 meetings to an ancestor. Compatriot Michael Keyserling briefly discussed the three Huguenin brothers. Here he speaks of Capt. Thomas Abram Huguenin's exploits, the last Commanding Officer of Ft. Sumter.

: 1st Lt Commander Jim Atkins introduces our special guest, "singer" Evelene Stevenson at the make-up April 17, 2017 meeting.

Evelene Stevenson, owner of The Spirit of Old Beaufort, sang many war period songs for us including "The Bonnie Blue Flag" and "Dixie's Land" in her beautiful voice.

Commander Mike Kelley presents Compatriot Butch Polk with his 10 Year Service Pin.

New Lt Commander Jim Atkins introduces the March 2017 meeting guest speaker with New Commander Mike Kelley in background.

March guest speaker Ted Panayotoff discussed black Confederate Soldiers and Government Pensions.

9th Brigade Commander Michael Skinner of the Ridgeland camp made a visit to March meeting.

New members Clifton Thomas, left, and Peter Somerville are sworn in by chaplain Gerald Wynn with Commander Kelley assisting.

Commander Mike Kelley pins War Service Medal on Lt. Col. Jim Atkins, Camp 1st Lt Commander.

Mike Monahan, center, a recent transfer from the Virginia Division enjoys meeting with Military Awards Chairman John Simpson at left and Tom Wilson at right, Adjutant Paul Griffin in the rear.

Commander Chris Gibson honors Col. Pat Garrett with a Ten Year Member pin at the December 2016 meeting.

Compatriot Mike Kelley during December meeting volunteering to take home the Colours after being voted to be Camp Commander in 2017.

. Our Nov 7, 2016 meeting featured Camp Historian Chris Clayton discussing letters a 15 year old South Carolina soldier wrote concerning his service during the November 1864 Battle of Honey Hill and his later being forced to ride with brutal raiders at the end of the war period.

Commander Chris Gibson (left) and Past Brigade Commander Nolan Tarrance (right) present Chris Clayton and Kent Wold with their 10 Year Service Pins at the November meeting.

Oct 3 2016 meeting guest speaker Allen Roberson, Director of the Confederate relic Room amd Military History Museum.

Commander Gibson presents 10 Year Service Pin to Past Commander Claude McElveen

Camp Historian Chris Clayton is presented his SCV Historian Medal from Commander Gibson.

Chaplain Gerald Wynn swears in new Camp Associate Carl White, a former member of the Confederate Air Force.

Camp Associate Alan Linsky and wife Judy with Compatriots Nolan Tarrance and Christian Tootle.

Compatriots Frank Glover, Tom Burnett, Craig Hightower, and Sam Chesnutt.

Attendees of Oct 2016 meeting listen to speakers presentation.

Compatriot and Past Camp Chaplain Bill Sammons continues to lead us at each meeting in our camp closing Hymn "Dixie's Land".

September 10, 2016 guest speaker Compatriot Mike Kelley gave a very good power point presentation on the proper wearing of SCV medals and pins on uniforms and civilian apparel. He also included a presentation on the proper display of all flags.

Compatriot Daniel Jarrell is presented an SCV Honor Roll Call certificate by Commander Chris Gibson in honor of the recent passing of his father Compatriot Darrell W. Jarrell.

L-R Compatriot Hazen Culley with Commander Chris Gibson, Tom Burnett and Michael Keyserling after Gibson presented the three very active Camp members with their 10 Year Service Pins on September 10, 2016.

August 2016 meeting guest speaker, Compatriot, Historian and Author Neil Baxley, presents BG Stephen Elliott of Beaufort. Elliott's portrait can been seen on the right.

Past Commander Jody Henson at left, explains the history of the SC Sovereignty Flag which is also the Camp's Flag, to recent Virginia transfer Jim Atkins with 1st Lt. Commander David Goodson at right.

"During the May 2, 2016 meeting",Chaplain Gerald Wynn gives the invocation from the prayer book of Pvt. David Thomas Freeman, 3rd S.C. Cavalry. Freeman was the Confederate ancestor of Gerald's wife Eunice who made it through the war with his prayer book in tact. Chaplain Wynn's benedictions are also taken from the book.

1st lt Commander David Goodson installs new member Mike Kelly with 9th Brigade Commander Nolan Tarrance.

"During the May 2, 2016 meeting", David Goodson presents Stephen Elliott UDC Chapter President Penny Tarrance with the Army of Northern Virginia Ladies Appreciation Medal for her many years of support of Camp #47 and the UDC .

Military Awards Chairman Maj. John Simpson presents the SCV War Service Medal to Compatriots David Goodson (US Air Force), Craig Hightower (US Marine Corps) and Bill Elliott (US Marine Corps). They bring the total of our Camp's War Service Medal recipients to 50.

April 2016 meeting guest speaker, Commander Joe Dawson, of the Savannah, GA SCV Francis Bartow Camp #93. Making his presentation on "Understanding Slavery's Role in The War Between the States".

Compatriot Joe Harden receives the Gen. Richard H. Anderson Palmetto and Crescent Meritorious Service Medal from Past Commander Jody Henson.

A surprised Joe Harden is congratulated by Jody Henson after receiving the Camp's Highest Individual Award for exceptional service and dedication to the Camp, becoming only the 10th Camp member to be so honored.

Chaplain Gerald Wynn swears in Cadet Miller Joseph Caselli with grandfather Jody Henson at his side during April 2016 meeting.

Compatiot Billy Syfrett of the Colleton Rangers Camp in Walterboro makes Battle Flag presentation at the March 2016 meeting.

The Citadel's Spirit Flag, "Big Red", flew over the Cadet's Battery on Morris Island on Jan 9, 1861, when they fired on the Fort Sumter resupply ship Star of the West.

Billy discusses Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia Headquarters Command Flag.

The little known Third National Flag, also know as the "Blood Stained Flag", was adopted on March 4, 1865. In no wind conditions the 2nd National Flag, "Stainless Banner", could be drooping and look like a white flag of truce. Thus the addition of the Red at the right edge.

Lt. Commander David Goodson (left) called for new Compatriot Tom Wilson to come forward for installation. Chaplain Gerald Wynn reads oath with Commander Chris Gibson (far right) at his side.

(L-R) Outgoing Lt. Commander, and current 9th Brigade Commander, Nolan Tarrance stands with new officers, Adjutant Paul Griffin, Color Sergeant Sean Congleton, Lt Commander David Goodson, Commander Chris Gibson and Chaplain Gerald Wynn.

February 2016 guest speaker Compatriot Bill Davies, of the Edisto Camp, stands with Commander Chris Gibson after his excellent guesswork presentation on Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee. Bill was presented a copy of Lee's Nobel Soldier, the story of Lt. General Richard H. Anderson and the Camp's namesake, by Joe Cantey Elliott.

New Camp member Bill Elliott makes it official in February 2016 after years of meeting attendance.

Craig Hightower is sworn in by Lt Commander Nolan Tarrance during February 2016 meeting.

Commander Chris Gibson, at right, along with Past Commander Jody Henson, center, present Past Commander Paul Griffin with the Camp's highest individual honor, the Gen. Richard H. Anderson Palmetto and Crescent Meritorious Service Medal.

December 2015 guest speaker Author Herbert "Bing" Chambers discusses his works "And Were The Glory of Their Times", a listing of the Cavalry and Artillery men who died for South Carolina.

Chaplain Hazen Culley gives oath to new members L-R David Elven Goodson and Christopher Sean Congleton at December 2015 meeting.

Commander Gibson swears in Druery "Graham" Walters during October 2015 meeting

Graham receives New Member Packet including membership certificate and SCV Pin from Lt Commander Tarrance

Bell Ringing Service at The Parish Church of Saint Helena on the 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox.

Our most recent war Service Medal recipients, Col. Charlie Calvert and John Youmans, the 46th and 47th Camp members to be so honored.  See our website for a full listing. 

Compatriot Col. Charlie Calvert was awarded the SCV War Service Medal by Commander Gibson for his Korean and Vietnam War service while in the US Army. 

Compatriot John Youman's receives Military Service Medal from Commander Gibson for his US Naval aviator service.  

Our October 2014 meeting featured Eddie Rogers as "Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton".


Nancy Chesnutt , a descendant of Lt. Gen. Richard H. Anderson and wife of Compatriot Sam Chesnutt, poses with book on Gen. Wade Hampton at October 2014 meeting.

Commander Chris Gibson swears in Lt. Gen. Richard H. Anderson descendant Richard Anderson Rhame at the September 2014 meeting after being introduced by First Lt Commander Nolan Tarrance.


Associate Chris Clayton filled in quite well for our AWOL September Speaker, giving an excellent last minute presentation on the Battle of Port Royal and showing the attendees his latest art work concerning the famous battle.

Commander Chris Gibson congratulates new member John Simpson after Chaplain Hazen Culley swore him in at June 2014 meeting.


Guest speaker Ken Burger of Allendale, SC, kept the members laughing while recounting his growing up and later being a newspaper and sports writer for 35 years in South Carolina.

Chaplain Hazen Culley swears in new Compatriot Col. Charlie Calvert with Commander Chris Gibson assisting at May meeting.


Col. Ollie Langford discusses the 2014 H L Hunley JROTC Awards with camp at May meeting.

Past Commander Jim Thomas congratulates 2014 Commander Chris Gibson


Paul Steele presented the War Service Medal at the March 2014 meeting 

Wreaths Across America placement at National Cemetery in December 2013. All the 117 Confederate Graves were covered.


Young Cadet William Rooney with reenactors at Wreaths Across America placement in the Confederate Section of the National Cemetery.

Lynn Bristow from Frampton Plantation giving a presentation on the Battle of Pocotaligo at the December meeting .

Commander Thomas with Lynn Bristow and her escort from Frampton Plantation.

Young Cadets Sam Jefferies, William Rooney and Jack Jefferies at Lee Jackson Banquet.

Commander Jim Thomas presented Michael Keyserling and Col. Charley Stockell their ten year service pins.

Walt Lineberger, with Commander Thomas, tells Camp he'll step down as Chaplain after this May meeting. Tom Burnett to replace him.

Associate Alan Linsky makes donation to camp of photo and soil from battlefield at May meeting

Wayne Cousar and Carroll Crowther show colors on a recent trip down to Belize.

Commander Jim Thomas March 2012 meeting

Chaplain Walt Lineberger delivers invocation at March meeting


March meeting guest speaker Associate Chris Clayton

Feb Speaker Ben Bunting,
Commander of the H L Hunley Camp


Wayne Cousar presented SCV Appreciation Certificate for organizing Beaufort Tri Centennial Parade Floats for the SCV and UDC

Tom Long awarded SCV War Service Medal by Col. Ollie Langford


Paul Steele to forward the Colors until March meeting.

Lt. Cmdr.Jim Thomas introduces Dec 2011 Speaker


Compatriot Bob Sadler and presents his French Confederate Ancestors

Cmdr. Paul Griffin announces Camp Officers for 2012


Commander-In-Chief Michael Givens addresses Camp at Dec 2011 meeting

22 Camp 47 War Service Medal Recipents
November 2011 Meeting


Speaker Compatriot James Scott
November 2011 Meeting

Cmdr Griffin and Henry Chambers
War Service Medal November 2011


Cmdr Griffin and Robert de Treville
War Service Medal November 2011

New member James Ferrier to Forward the Colors.
Oct 2011 meeting


October's Speaker, author and historian, Jim Jordan of Callawassie island.

Allen Roberson, Director of the Confederate Relic Room.


Original letter to Confederate Relic Room from Henry Middleton Stuart. (Courtesy of the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum).

Beaufort Volunteer Artillery Flag today. (Courtesy of the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum).

Members of Gen. R. H. Anderson SCV Camp #47 with flag and Confederate Relic Room Curator Rachel Cockrell.

Tri Centennial Parade SCV UDC float.

Tri Centennial Parade SCV UDC float.

Compatriot Frank Gibson places SCV pin on son Chris Gibson at August 2011 meeting.

9th Brigade Commander Joe Willis presented Jody Henson with the SCV's Distinguished Service Medal at August 2011 meeting.

Color Sergeants Henry and James Scott, 9th Brigade Commander Joe Willis and Commander Paul Griffin at 2011 State Convention.

SC Division Commander Mark Simpson and Scott family.

Miss Brianne Canaday is presented the Stephen Elliott UDC Chapter Educational Scholarship Award by 2nd Vice President & Scholarship Chairman Barbara Wood.

Brianne with parents Andrea and Compatriot Brian Canaday and Barbara Wood, wife of Compatriot Frank Wood

Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum Compatriots Jeff Holliday and Russ Brewton with daughter Maggie at unveiling of SC Iraqi Freedom Flag.

L-R: Steve Benjamin, Mayor of Columbia; Jeff; Allen Roberson, Dir. Confederate Relic Room.

Compatriot Jeff Holliday and Marine Team,
Afghanistan 9-11-2011

SSgt Jason Motes & GySgt Jeff Holliday
with Camp 47 Colors.

Compatriot SFC Gerald Wynn
Camp Colors Afghanistan

Compatriot GySgt Jeff Holliday
Camp Colors Iraq

Secession House Marker Dedication
SCV Camp 47

Rose Hill Marker Dedication
SCV Camp 47

UDC Military Award recipients Jody Henson, Bill Sammons, Wayne Milner, Charles Aimar and Wayne Cousar at Stephen Elliott UDC Chapter's 100th Anniversary Event

SCV Camp 47 Compatriots
2009 Confederate Memorial Day