SCV Camp 47 Flag

       The Camp adopted as its flag the Sovereignty Flag of South Carolina which was the unofficial state flag from December 1860 through January 26, 1861. The 15 stars on it represent the 15 slave-holding states which had seceded from the United States or were considering secession at the time. The cross, except for its coloring, resembles the St. George Cross of England. The crescent is adopted from the insignia found on the uniform caps of the 1st and 2nd South Carolina Regiments during the Revolutionary War. It may also originate from the gorget, a crescent-shaped ornament worn on a chain around the neck as a badge of rank by officers in the colonial era. The palmetto tree commemorates South Carolina's defense of the palmetto log fort on Sullivan's Island against a British attack in June 1776.

        Added to the Sovereignty Flag, our flag carries the Camp's designated SCV Camp #47 in the middle star. Found in the lower right quadrant of one version of our camp flag are the words Iraq and Afghanistan, countries where Camp Compatriots Marine GySgt Jeff Holliday and Army SFC Gerald Wynn forwarded our colors while in service to our nation.

Compatriots SSgt Jason Motes & GySgt Jeff Holliday with Camp 47 Colors Afghanistan.

Compatriot CW2 Cy Haines with Camp 47 Colors Kuwait.

Compatriot SFC Gerald Wynn
Camp Colors Afghanistan

Compatriot GySgt Jeff Holliday
Camp Colors Iraq